Shutter Nutters 4 small.jpg

Shutter Nutters

'Vintage' as a trend has become very popular in recent years in all areas including fashion and homeware. One area I felt has not been fully explored is vintage cameras and photography. Companies like Lomography and Polaroid have been leading the way back to analogue on a global scale, however at a more national and local level I feel there is something lacking.

With this project in my final year of university I wanted to create and brand a vintage camera shop situated on the South-east coast, in Brighton. I wanted to encapsulate the new and old, drawing from the cameras construction themselves and the icons engraved into the strong metal frames. 

The colour scheme takes inspiration from Kodak film canisters, with the contrasting black and yellow, but also the bright yellow creates a very up to date and modern feel. 

Typographic choice was considered greatly and eventually after looking into some old camera advertisements, I decided on Gill Sans due to its timeless nature but still gives a sense of the vintage feel. Leading it slightly wider at 25 also adds to the effect.

The shop isn't just for camera enthusiasts, it aims to attract the more design orientated minds in all aspects of life. Photography brief can become quite cliche if you are not careful, but I think Shutter Nutters has achieved the balance I was looking for when starting this project.