Our Hideout Project

Feeling the need to take on a larger project, and still on the search for a design identity. I embraced my tendency to create graphic pieces that use unusual materials and processes.

Sourcing a cool looking slice of birch tree from a friend, I had the perfect opportunity to create something with impact for the soon-to-be decorated boardroom at work, showing off the design agency and the unusual skills we have in house. After a few laborious hours of rubbing and sanding it down, it was ready to have a design etched into it.

I went through loads of potential ideas, from drawings to lettering styles, but finally found a quote from an old Batman film that fitted with where the piece would be hung, and got to work hand drawing the letterforms. Going through various sketches and mock-ups I eventually decided on a layout, then traced it on the wood.

The next stage was to crack on with the stippling process. Combining wood burning and stippling was a technique I hadn’t seen many places before, and just stippling the outlines of the letters, creates a negative space effect and keeps the focus on the detail of the intricate dot work.

With over 100 hours put into this project in total, I’m really happy with how it has turned out, and how it has honed my stippling skills, now have a look at some of the pretty pictures I took of it out in the wild.