Sam Aylard


Graphic Designer & Type Lover

I am a Kent-based Graphic Designer, recently graduated from University of Kent with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design.

I am proficient in Adobe Software, including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Premiere, and an eagerness to learn makes me pick up new skills on other software quickly and easily.

My strengths are Print Design and Branding but also my handling of typography, simple and clean design, my transferable skills using different mediums and a keen eye for detail makes me tackle any brief with confidence. 



I have an appreciation for all manner of things and can often be seen wandering off from my group of friends to get up close to some found type or to achieve a unique angle when out taking photographs on my DSLR, my small collection of analogue film cameras and even my phone under the pseudonym the5am

As well as using my DSLR for Photography, I also use it for Videography. Which brings me nicely to my other hobby, BMX riding. On my Vimeo you can see some of the two-wheeled antics my friends and I get up to as well as some other videos of various events and projects. Having studied Media in my secondary school, the love for camera angles and filming techniques has never faded and nowadays inspires my design work.